• Life time 30 years

  • Guarantee 2 of the year

  • Speed 2 m/s

  • Maximum load 80 kg.


Start height  0.5m
Length of track 2.3m
Slope 4% 
Necessary area 2.5x 1m
Depth of the pool 0.3-0.6m
Material Fiberglass
Surface Unilateral gloss
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"Elephant" is a universal model of the slide, made of fiberglass. The main advantages of this model:

  • no water connection required;
  • You can use both a water slide and a dry hill;
  • mobility;
  • Possible installation near swimming pools with a sliding roof;
  • has steps with a non-slip coating;
  • The bright glossy surface of the descent is resistant to UF-radiation;
  • service life up to 30 years.

Advantages of the material from which the Elephant children's slide is made. Fiberglass:

  • it is distinguished by its high strength;
  • withstands high loads;
  • has a wide temperature range - from -70 to +70 C0;
  • low thermal conductivity of the material makes it possible to play on the hill in comfort at any time of the year.

The Ellephant is specially designed for toddlers, it takes into account all the subtleties, the hill has bounding boards and non-slip coating on the steps, has no sharp corners, has an optimal speed and a smooth descent with a safe finish zone. "Elephant" will be an excellent addition to any children's recreation area and will appeal to every child and his parent.