Amusement park
  • Life time 30 years

  • Guarantee 2 of the year

  • Speed 5 m/s

  • Maximum load 120 kg.

Amusement park

Start height  2m / 3m / 4.2m
Length of track 3.1m / 17.1m / 9.6m
Water consumption 110 m3/h
Finish the pool
Slope 10-14% 
Necessary area 14.5x 25m
Depth of the pool 0.3-0.6m
Material Fiberglass
Surface Unilateral gloss
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The amusement park is a complex for courageous and thirsty adventures, small visitors. The variety of slides will not make you bored and stand still. If desired, we can add lighting effects, apply drawings or logo, which will allow observing the theme of the aqua zone and give originality.