• Life time 30 years

  • Guarantee 1 of the year

  • Speed 15 m/s

  • Maximum load 120 kg.


Start height  3.6 m / 5.2 m 
Length of track 11.2 m /  29.7 m / 10.7 m 
Pool depth 800 mm / 800 mm / 800 mm
Width 2500 mm / 900 mm / 900 mm
Capacity 170-240 p/h
Water consumption 30 / 20 / 20 m3/h
Finish the pool
Slope 20-40% / 10-14% / 20-40%
Necessary area 10 х 12 m
Depth of the pool 1-1.2 m
Material Fiberglass
Surface Unilateral gloss
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Tsunami is the most popular complex of water slides for hotels and recreation areas. If you have a small pool or just a little space, but you want to have your small water park, then this mini-aquapark project is ideal for you. This complex consists of three different slides, on wich, can ride 5 people at the same time.

The slides of the Bodyslide series are a series of classic water slides that have many twisty turns. This track is sure to please those who like slow and smooth descent.

The Multislide  allows you to ride and share impressions with friends. Water park without such hill is simply unthinkable. Commercial profit from this slide is consistently high, because it is not only an exciting descent, but also a real spectacle for passers-by who are already lined up to get on this incredible attraction.

The Kamikadze slide is suitable for fans of thrills, its high-speed descent will add adrenaline and sharp sensations.

By clicking on the link you can see the photo of the finished project.