• Life time 30 years

  • Guarantee 2 of the year

  • Speed 10 m/s

  • Maximum load 120 kg.


Start height  6.4m
Length of track 30m + cup
Capacity 60p/h
Water consumption 110 m3/h
Finish the pool
Slope 10-14% 
Necessary area 19х 9.5m
Depth of the pool 2.8m
Material Fiberglass
Surface Unilateral gloss
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The Cyclone is a dizzying fall through a closed pipe into a huge bowl. Thanks to special effects, the attraction can become even brighter and visitors will not be left without attention! With this hill, you will get incredible speed, fall, slip and thrill, which you will remember for life!

Such an attraction has many advantages, namely: high capacity, which allows the owner to make a profit; convenience in operation and possibility to install in any place (indoors, on open water, in small rooms); special effects that will make the attraction more visited and attractive.