Slide height, m


Slide height, m

10/ 20

Water discharge, m3/h

30/ 9

Recommended pool size, m


Throughput, pers./h




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"Bora-Bora" is ideal complex for hotels and recreation centers. With its help, the owners of the hotel business will be able to pleasantly surprise and surprise their loyal customers, and also profitably stand out from the background of others, thereby attracting new customers, which will undoubtedly increase profits.

This complex includes two slides: a universal hill with a spiral descent path, which provides a moderate speed and is great for different age categories, as well as a second hill specially designed for extreme lovers, with a direct route, at the same time experiencing ecstasy and incredible adrenaline .

All slides are made of fiberglass, a material that is distinguished by its strength, is resistant to UF-radiation and can withstand a wide temperature range from -70 to +70 C0. The service life of such slides is over 30 years. After that, they can either be partially replaced, or restore the coating.

Buying a water complex, you not only invest in your business, but also develop the water entertainment industry.

Experience in operating water slides shows that it would be advisable to use stainless steel hardware since the product will be in an aggressive environment. Thus, we completely solve the problem of corrosion once and for all. Also on all joints of plastic sections are bolts of stainless steel A2 for sea water.

All metal structures are hot-dip galvanized - a coating of metal (usually iron or steel) with a layer of zinc to protect against corrosion by dipping the product in a molten zinc bath at a temperature of about 460 ° C.

Hot-dip galvanizing is considered one of the most reliable, economical and therefore widespread methods of protecting iron and steel from corrosion. The thickness of the zinc layer varies from 30 to 100 μm, usually from 45 to 65 μm.

According to the American Galvanizer Association, hot dip galvanizing provides protection against corrosion:

  • In an industrial environment: 65 years
  • In the tropical environment: 70 years
  • In the suburban environment: 85 years
  • In the countryside: 120 years.

Coloring can be changed at the request of the customer.

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