Water slides that make summer unforgettable

Summer is always associated with vivid impressions and good rest. All children and adults eagerly await it. Summer is an excellent reason to spend some time at the seaside, to swim in the pool, to sunbathe on the beach and to experience new water slides. This is a formula for perfect summer holidays…provided that you buy OUR WATER SLIDES for your pool or water park.

We are not overconfident at all and hundreds of our satisfied customers can prove this. We sell our water slides to individuals as well as to companies and we are ready for both wholesale and retail. A wide range of products, years of production experience, top quality, guarantee, safety and elaborated design – this is what differs our water slides from those made by our competitors.

A perfect water slide

As in any other sphere of production, each water slide must meet certain standards and requirements, comply with all safety requirements and have an interesting design.

We recommend you to buy water slides only in case they meet the following parameters:

  • Quality. This criterion includes not only the use of safe and proper materials, but also the conceptual development of the project with its subsequent maintenance until the completion of the work.
  • Security. Water slides are designed to be safe for you and your children. Each project must be supervised by experienced engineers and managers.
  • One-stop solution. It is great when the company manufactures water slides as well as provides the development of unique projects, their installation, commissioning and after-sales service.

More than 10 years of experience and full compliance with all the above mentioned requirements allow us to offer really unique and high-quality water slides made of fiberglass at reasonable prices.

Slides for hotels and water parks

We manufacture water slides of various configurations and thus we help our clients to create their unique and unforgettable water-based recreation. You can order and buy water slides for summer houses, for small pools and large water parks.

Our design department will let you see and evaluate the prototype of your aqua zone at the very first stage of the project (taking into account the peculiarities of geodesy and offering the most practical version of your project).

Each water slide manufactured by our company comprises of:

  • experienced work of our well-coordinated team of professionals;
  • quality control at each stage of the work performed;
  • implementation of all your wishes.

We know what top-quality water slides are. And we have been helping our customers to entertain their visitors by providing them with exciting and unique water rides for more than 10 years.