DESIGN · VISUALIZATION · LIGHTING EFFECTS At the stage of creating a visualization it is necessary to take into account all the wishes regarding the design of the complex. We can offer: Logo application, Selection of colors, Drawing of geometric shapes, thematic images (fish, stars, etc.), Light effects from daylight. To make the whole composition look appropriate, and the manager could accurately calculate the cost of the project, our designers will prepare for you a 3D-visualization of the future project.
DESIGNING Design services include the development of fiberglass structures, metal structures, placement of launch pads and support systems. Regardless the size of the project, whether it is a small aquazone or a complex of water slides, our approach to work guarantees that the work will be completed on time.
manufacturing In the production of water slides and components for children's c playgrounds, we use RTM technology and contact molding. Contact molding is a method of getting polymer composite slides, which is used for the manufacture of their sections. Contact molding of products in open forms is carried out mainly by two methods: manual laying and spraying. Combining polyester resins with reinforcing material, we get a component with perfect bends and geometry. The section is covered with Gelcoat ISO NPG, which makes the product strong, durable, chemical- and alkali- resistant. RTM technology is a method of injecting unsaturated polyester resin into a closed form. According to this technology, fiberglass is cut and laid out on a painted Gelcoat ISO NPG mould. The punch is attached to the matrix with special clips. Using special equipment, the resin is injected into the mould under the required pressure. In the end, we get a detail with double-sided gloss.
Assembly In our work it is very important to adhere to the production technology and the issued specification of the complex. That is why a responsible person is assigned at each stage. Before the ready products are shipped to the customer, we carry out a pre-assembly of the complex on its territory. This process is necessary for the work to be performed well, in both sides: technical and visual.
CONSTRUCTION WORKS All slides are installed under the guidance of the project manager and the head of the installation team “UKRCOMPOZITE”. For 10 years we performed installation of projects of various complexity. Timely delivery of sections and metal structures, correct assembly schemes and an experienced team guarantee fast project implementation with high quality.
WARRANTY AND POST-WARRANTY SERVICE All water slides of our production have a 1-year warranty. Then we can provide post-warranty services. They are inspection of slides before the opening of the season, polishing of sections, repairs if necessary, replacement of parts, etc.