Children's slide
  • Life time до 30 years

  • Guarantee 1 of the year

  • Maximum load 90 kg.

Children's slide "Straight"

Start height 1.2 m
Bead width 0.55 m
Length of descent 2.56 m
Material Fiberglass
Surface One-sided gloss
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“It takes a little to bring a smile, and enough smiles to make everything possible”

(Gilbert Sesbron)

What could be better than a child's smile? Probably nothing, it is priceless! Every parent wants that his child to be happy, smile more and laugh. Children's laughter is something magical and incredibly infectious. It is a children's slide that will cause your children a sea of positive emotions, delight and joy.

Children's slide is a field of activity for your imagination! With the help of components for playgrounds, you can build a playground as a designer. Turn your idea into reality, and we will help you in the implementation! Spend time with your child, creating a unique game complex.

The main characteristics and advantages of the children's slide "Direct":

  • material - fiberglass;
  • durability;
  • resistance to ultraviolet radiation;
  • possible to use as a waterslide;
  • communication with peers;
  • It does not require special care;
  • simple installation; no dandelion effect;
  • active pastime in the fresh air;
  • safe board height.

Be sure, you and your child will be satisfied!