Our company is the leader in Ukraine for the production of water slides from fiberglass. We offer not only the manufacture of products according to the drawings of the customer, but also carry out individual orders.

UKRKOMPOZIT - No. 1 in Ukraine for production of water slides from fiberglass

Our company specializes in projects of water parks for hotels and entertainment complexes and offers a full range of services, from concept development, to installation and maintenance.

We manufacture products from fiberglass. The main direction - the production of water slides. The products have all the necessary certificates and comply with international norms and standards.

We offer not only the manufacture of products according to the customer's drawings, but also carry out individual orders, which are accompanied by 3D-modeling, which gives a full picture of the future object at the design stage.

Advanced technologies in combination with modern equipment make it possible to produce unique glass-fiber products of various shapes and configurations.


Flexible approach in communication
with clients

We provide documentation for attractions We give recommendations on the selection of pumping equipment We conduct safety briefing We are responsible for the installation work. If the customer insists on self-assembly of the attraction, we provide the assembly scheme. Pre-production marking and trimming of the gutters is guaranteed. We guarantee low cost of the product due to the absence of customs duties and other logistics costs. All raw materials are purchased directly from manufacturers

Glass-plastic water attractions are manufactured on the company's own production facilities using modern technologies. In production, raw materials of the highest quality are used, which have high water and chemical resistance of the resin and are resistant to osmosis, ultraviolet radiation and damage to ISO NPG gelcoats.

For more than 10 years, Ukrkomposit has been working with fiberglass, and we believe that this is a real material of the future with excellent characteristics:

It withstands high and low temperatures, it is not flammable, it is not inferior to steel in strength, it is light enough, so it is convenient to install and during transportation it is not exposed to mold, corrosion and rotting, that is, it is durable

Installation and service

We not only design and manufacture: there are several specialized teams working in the company that perform installation and maintenance of water attractions. The process of assembling gutters (sections) of water slides is very important, as it is necessary to avoid chipping, scratches and bends.

Particular attention is paid to the joints of the gutters. It is important that they do not cause discomfort to the skating, there are no static stresses on the flanges and unnecessary deformation of the sections. The sections of the sections are connected with each other by means of a bolted joint, and the seals are sealed by a sealant specially developed for our company.


We can easily provide a five-year warranty on our products. Own production gives us a significant competitive advantage, because, thanks to it, we have the opportunity for quick response and continuous quality control.

2Покупая стеклопластиковые изделия у нас, вы покупаете качественную продукцию от производителя, имея возможность выбрать необходимую комплектацию, цвет и нужные сроки поставки. Наша цена – одна из лучших в Украине, ведь при отсутствии посредников вы сможете недорого купить изделие из стеклопластика без дополнительных накруток. Изготовление изделий из стеклопластика – не единственная наша специализация, мы занимаемся профессиональным ремонтом катеров и яхт, устраняя неполадки любой сложности.

Компания Укркомпозит работает как с частными заказчиками, так и с крупными предприятиями Украины, осуществляя поставки во все регионы страны, включая Киев. Мы заботимся о клиентах и делаем все возможное, чтобы вы остались довольны качеством нашей работы.